Our Mission

EH-3D Design Studio aim to be a consultancy which
provides a full service of energy reducing and sustainable 
design in the built environment. From lighting design to
wattage load control through to appropriate wall insulation
and certified sustainable building regulations.

We are keen to work as an external practice or as a

Our future mission is to be the best Eco design consultancy

What We Offer

We offer lighting layouts, equipment schedules and calculations,
energy efficiency and sustainable reports which will assist the
development of your projects. We are compliant on all current
certifications (BREEAMS etc.), dealing with lighting and
environmental standards, which permit us to assist you to
further develop and achieve building regulation standards
and thus planning permission.

Our Name

We chose the first two letters of Edinburgh's post code to highlight
that we are a Scottish based company. By using 3D we highlight
the third dimension we use in all of our work. Whether it is
providing three dimensional lighting studies or environmental
building simulation models the use of three dimension solutions
is applicable to all our services.