BREEAM's Assessments

The BREEAM's are sustainability ratings - on a scale of "Pass" to "Excellent"
which enables owners or occupants to gain recognition for their buildings
environmental performance. A good BREEAM's rating facilitates planning
permissions by demonstrating sustainability credentials to relevant authorities,
and increases its market value. BREEAM's certification brings in many
advantages, for example: financial, environmental and social benefits.

BREEAM assessments cover the following:

-  Management
-  Waste
-  Health & Wellbeing
-  Pollution
-  Energy
-  Land Use & Ecology
-  Transport
-  Materials
-  Water
-  Innovation

At EH-3D we are experienced assessors in commercial buildings
and soon will be acredited on assessments for dwellings.

We offer the following services:

-  Sustainability consultancy to obtain BREEAM certification
-  Draft BREEAM report - design stage & post construction
-  BREEAM information collection - site visits and gathering information
-  Design stage assessment - Interim certificate
-  Post construction assessement - final BREEAM certificate
-  Refurbishment and extensions for BREEAM certification.

Environmental Excellence