EH-3D provides eco-design & building advice to on eco design and
construction to professionals and home owners interested in obtaining
an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable building,
whether it is in the design stage or in the post construction stage.
We also specialize in consulting over design and construction options
in the refurbishment of buildings.

We offer an integrated solution for the entire project by tailoring our
suggestions to each development, taking into consideration how space
will be used, what activities will take place, as well as budget and
time constraints. We suggest and design in conjunction with architects,
engineers, home owners or housing associations.

Our ECO-Design consultancy covers the following aspects of bio-climatic design:

- Improve the thermal comfort of a building by suggesting eco-friendly materials,
energy efficient solutions, heating and ventilating technologies all in accordance
with the clients specific demands.
- Advise in water consumption, water recycling and re-use.
- Advise in eco-management of buildings.
- Advise on waste both during and after the completion of the building.
- Advise in passive design techniques that can optimise in energy, light and
ventilation of a building.

EH-3D's  goal is to minimize resource and energy use and waste without
compromising current and future living standards.  We aim to obtain
eco friendly buildings that can make users comfortable and satisfied.

Our eco-building design service can be complementary to BREEAM's
commercial buildings, for example: retail, offices and Industrial purposes.