Energy Saving Solutions

The thermal performance of a building is considered an important factor in the way it
operates and is constructed. The main objective of a buildings thermal performance
is to be able to withstand the temperature and climatic fluctuations or hazards which it
could encounter. The better the performance, the less energy is lost through its fabric
which indicates that the building will need less energy to heat or cool its interior. This
in turn will reduce energy bills, lay off pressure on fossil fuel depletion, and reduce the
buildings carbon footprint thus becoming an environmentally sound building.

EH-3D Design Studio can provide consultation on new and passive ways to save
energy in dwellings. the consultation is provided by:

-   Home inspections
-   New built plan and detail revision
-   Material selection; dense materials, insulation and sealants.

Here are some examples:

-   Insulation solutions; cavity walls, floors, and roofs
-   Reduction of air infiltration from the building fabric
-   Window and door specification
-   Lighting specification and effective design

Environmental Excellence