Renewables - Microgeneration

The team at EH-3D can take part in advising, consulting and designing ways of applying
any small scale renewable technology in new built or refurbished domestic buildings.

It's important to locally generate our own energy to reduce the need to depend
on fossil fuel thus reducing our carbon emissions. This is why we have to reduce
the demand of energy a building needs. If we take a conscious step to using less
energy, it will be easier to meet our demands with renewable energy sources.
This is where the use of renewable energy technology, originating from natural
sources which are continuous and inexhaustible, comes into use. It will not only
reduce our dependence on depleting fossil fuel resources, but it will also decrease
the use of polluting energy sources, contributing less and near to zero carbon
emissions and climate change. The advantages of the renewable sources are that
they are abundant and will never perish, they can be used on an ever day basis
(depending on type of technology), they are secure and are harmless to the environment.

Domestic and microgeneration is a key component to obtaining an energy efficient
building. Below are examples of technology which can be applied in a domestic scale:

-   Solar photovoltaic panels
-   Solar hot water heating
-   Small wind turbines
-   Ground source heat pumps
-   Air source heat pumps
-   Bio-mass boilers and heaters

Above: Examples of renewable energy in buildings and stand alone.

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