EH-3D sponsor Exhibition

EH-3D have sponsored The "Some like it too hot" Exhibition which had its launch night on Wednesday the 14th of April 2010.
EH-3D were invited by the Greener Leith innitiative to sponsor the exhibition "Some like it too hot" in the Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Rd in Leith.

The exhibit showed infra red thermographs of homes in Leith. They showed just how much heat was escaping from the buildings fabric and explained how it could save energy by implementing many energy efficient methods; from insulation to draught proofing.

The launch night was sponsored by us and we enjoyed the various talks by the exhibition organisers and guest speakers.

Many people attended the launch night, including the home owners who granted permision to test and assess their homes.

EH-3D had a stand inside the exhibition showing and explaining our services of lighting design, sustainability and energy efficiency and also our new services on home and small office eco-reports.

Many people were intereted in our stand and our sample report and various people put their name down for future surveys and reports of their homes.

Please vist the links below:

The exhibit is on show until saturday the 24th of April 2010. Please visit.