EH-3D team attended Conference

The Team attended the NCEUBA Autum Conference on the 8th of September 2009

The team attended the conference organized by one of Julio Bros' past lecturers, Prof. Fergus Nicol. The conference was initiated by the European project Commonsense. the main topic of discussion was "Adapting to future climates" with sub-topics aimed at low-energy solutions in buildings, Passivhaus, and design of buildings and outdoor environment.

The conferences were held in the Edinburgh University campus at Martin Hall in New College.

Many important people attended, of whom there is a close tie between EH-3D. People from the academic scene: Prof. Sue Roaf, Prof. Michael Humphreys and Prof. Mary Handcock.

A good debate started when talking about Passivhaus and BREEAM standards for sustainability. It has been criticised that many standards are not concentrating on the real problems like energy and water saving while Passivhaus has very strict measures but tend to be aimed at only new buildings and not refurbishments.