EH-3D team at the The Future of Scotland debates.

The Future of Scotland debates Friday - 2st of August2009

Julio Bros attended the debate concerning Scotland’s built environment, particularly aimed at Sustainable Places.
The debate was chaired by Lesley Riddoch a journalist and broadcaster in TV and radio. The speakers were Germain Greer a writer and academic from Cambridge University, Deyan Sudjic the director of the Design Museum in London and Peter Clegg an architect at Fielden Clegg Bradley Architects.

The debate took place at the Scottish Parliament's Debating Chamber where Germain Greer stated by stating that there was a lack of design ideas in buildings these days and that there was no particular attention to the users and the environment. She went on to say that she would prefer to bulldoze all non sustainable and badly built buildings/ houses instead of refurbishing them, and instead build high rise buildings that would house flats which would accommodate all age groups.

Peter Clegg went on to talk about how all his designs are aimed at being sustainable and reducing the buildings footprint by reducing the garden space of the houses and creating a roof space which is green and accessible to the tenants. This would reduce space in towns and create a better and sustainable way of living. He spoke about his recent Stirling Prize projects called Accordia housing development.

Finally, Deyan Sudjic spoke briefly on how high rise buildings were simply not the best idea, as they would create social problems like in the 60s and 70s where high rise housing estates suffered of crime and drug related problems. He supported the fact that architects were in charge of making Britain a better place to live in, and that politicians had to make planning permission to conscious sustainable developments easier and even funded by the government.

The debate finished with a show of hands about topics discussed. In the question about if people were excited by the idea of living in high rise homes, most people were against it. And in the question about if architects were in charge to shaping the way in which we live and work, most people agreed.

Overall a very productive and exiting event! Impressed about Peter Clegg, I have always been a fan of his designs and hopefully can achieve what he has in the near future!!!!!