Invitation to the Buildings Standards Review, Sections 1 & 6

Julio Bros W attended the BDS Stakeholder Consultation information event. Wed- 19th of August 2009

The environmental team of EH-3D managed by Julio Bros attended the Building Standards review of the Section 1 Structures and Section 6 Energy of the Technical Handbooks of the Scottish Building Regulations.

The event was held at the BDS headquarters in Livingston where in conjunction with consultants around Scotland and Scottish Government officials a review of the sections 1 & 6 were reviewed and all changes due to come out next year were explained and discussed.

The main interests for the team were changes to the technical handbooks regarding section 6 energy.
There were some changes and sections revised as follows:

1. Particular attention towards thermal bridging
2. Revised fuel packages for heating and cooling.
3. Improved thermal conductance fabric values.
4. Implementation of low carbon equipment
5. On insulating the envelope of buildings there are changes.
6. There is a particular focus on infiltration and ventilation
7. Lighting: greater use of energy efficient devises.
8. Concern on existing buildings.

The event was overshadowed by simply stating the changes but not really stating values, the actual changes in numbers or forms. It was more of an introduction to the changes, rather than portraying and showing the changes to discuss and observe differences.
We will have to address the situation and observe closely when these technical hand books and sections are published next year.