EH-3D Design Studio Invited to workshop

The EH-3D Design Studio were invited to a workshop organized by International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and the University of Strathclyde. Topic: Applications of Maths in the Energy Sector.

The Energy efficient building team from EH-3D were invited to attend the workshop on Applications of Maths in the Energy Sector. The topics on this workshop were aimed at the calculations of efficiency and feasibility of renewable energy. Two of the talks concentrated on problems derived from the generation of energy with the use of wind turbines both onshore and offshore in the UK and tidal energy in England and Scotland, especially in the Pentland Firth. Problems were set to come up with ideas in making these energy sources more efficient and less expensive.
The EH-3D team contributed with the participation of Julio Bros in this one day workshop in Strathclyde University, Glasgow.
The EH-3D team feel it has strengthened their knowledge in renewable energy and its various applications in the built environment.